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The history of Neural Modulation:

Neural modulation is probably best known in cardiology. We all know of someone that has a cardiac pacemaker.  The cardiac pacemaker was one of the first uses for electrical stimulation of the nervous system to improve function and treat disease.  The use of cardiac pacemakers is so wide spread and common we don’t even give it a second thought. The same concept, using a mild electrical current to stimulate nerves for the purpose of correcting abnormalities in various organs or tissues, is an exciting and emerging area of health care practice. Unlike a pacemaker, we have developed non-surgical methods of neural modulation. Some use stimulation similar to a simple TENs unit, others modulate the nervous system through neurological reflexes.  Both methods are exciting new approaches to health care. Read more about them, it might just change you life.                  How can it help you>>>

There is an old Chinese  saying, “may you live in interesting times”. Well there is no question in my mind that in all of the health care professions,  there is no more interesting specialty right now than neurology. Neurology is the study of the brain and spinal cord and the research in this field is absolutely exploding. One of the biggest breakthroughs in neurology was the development of a special type of MRI known as the the fMRI or functional magnetic re-sonance image. (see pictured below) The fMRI not only shows how the brain looks but it shows how it works. For example, acupuncture “lights-up” very specific parts of the brain which can be  visualized using fMRI.