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        Dr. George Kukurin

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Hello, I'm Dr. George Kukurin and I am licensed to practice chiropractic by the State of Pennsylvania. I have been studying and practicing alternative medicine methods for over 20 years. I have a keen interest in conditions of the nervous system, because I am a former faculty member of the Post Graduate Neurology Department of Parker College. I’m also one of a select few Pennsylvania chiropractic doctor who are Diplomats of the American Chiropractic Academy of Neurology.  I have treated thousands of patients suffering from all types of conditions of the nervous system. I have post-graduate education from the Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic. I have even traveled to Russian to learn laser acupuncture and to Mexico to study nerve regeneration treatments.

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 Safe and effective treatments for patients suffering from Fibromyalgia and  Chronic Muscle Pain

“Their doctors told them all the tests were normal…  But so many of them told me - They’d rather die than live with fibromyalgia “


Well it’s gotten a little better now, at least some doctors now believe that fibromyalgia is a real disease.  When I first started treating fibro patients, few doctors considered fibromyalgia a legitimate disease.  The few that did recognize fibromyalgia, treated it as a muscle disease. Both groups of doctors, those that didn’t believe in fibromyalgia and those that believe it is a muscle disease are wrong, terribly wrong,  And tens of thousands of patients suffered needlessly because of it.Way back in the late 1980’s, when I was teaching neurology at the post-graduate level, I was teaching doctors that fibromyalgia was real and that to effectively treat it, you had to treat the nervous system not the muscles. Plain and simple fibromyalgia is a disease of the nervous system and has little to do with the muscles.  I taught that 20 years ago and only now is the rest of the medical community beginning to recognize what my students and my patients have known for over 2 decades.  If you have been suffering with fibromyalgia and been receiving treatment for a muscle disease or a rheumatic or arthritic disease, chances are you are not very happy with your results.   Your doctors have been treating the wrong body system.  Fibromyalgia patients can obtain outstanding relief from their  pain, if and only if,  they receive the proper treatment to their abnormal nervous system.

Any other approach to the treatment of fibromyalgia will be inadequate at best or more than likely, fail miserably.  What you are about to read may quite literally change your life.

Fibromyalgia was originally called fibromyositis.  This was based on old research that  occurred many years ago.  Fibromyositis means inflammation of the muscle and the fibrous tissue that connects to the muscles.  The original researchers that coined the term fibromyositis, did so after taking muscle biopsies of patients suffering from chronic widespread muscle pain.  As research methods improved, scientists soon discovered that the muscles of patients with fibromyositis did not actually contain evidence of inflammation.  So the name was changed from fibromyositis (inflamed muscle) to fibromyalgia (which means painful muscle).     To find out what fibromyalgia is and how to deal with it, keep reading by clicking here.


Pictured below left, are the common points of pain used to diagnose patients with fibromyalgia,  it is not uncommon for fibro patients to take many different medications to try to find relief. Treating fibromyalgia like a muscle disease leads to    despair and depression.     It just doesn’t work.   Find out what does!