Want to start losing 3-7 pounds of fat per week today?

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Confused about  which diet plan to choose to lose weight fast, keep it off and how to lose weight safely?

There are so many diet programs and fad diets available to lose weight. How do you choose between low-fat, high-protein, low-carb & calorie-controlled? Do they work and are they safe for you? You’ll be glad to know that a group of doctors and researchers have done your homework for you! I want to introduce you to the first real diet breakthrough in years, it is called the Ideal Protein™ diet system. Within 30 days you can lose weight, loose inches,  improve your cholesterol and blood sugar and start to feel great again!

Benefits of the Ideal Protein Plan


• Calorie, Carb, Protein, fat and
   portioned controlled for you.


• Lose 3-7 pounds of fat per
  week without increased exercise.

• Return your cholesterol and
   blood sugar towards healthy

•  Do all this faster and easier
   than you could ever imagine.

Are we claiming too much? Use the form to the right to request more information on this amazing diet plan. The Ideal Protein™ plan is producing results for our patients, that patients on other diet plans can only dream about! ~ Dr. K

After years of dieting, look what three months on the IP diet did for me.... Dr. K

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