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Laser Therapy: Can produce some amazing results. For example one of our patients had Telfon implanted into his brain to relieve pressure on the Trigeminal Nerve. When the pain in his face did not subside, he had radiation to try to kill the nerve.  That failed also.  He was taking the strongest pain killing medications.  The pain only stopped after a series of Laser treatments. He now has no pain, he takes no medications. His life is normal again. This case, from our office, has been accepted for publication in a medical journal indexed in the National Library of Medicine. We have hundreds more like it. Give us a call and find out how our Laser protocols may help you with your pain. The picture to the right shows how a Laser can penetrate several centimeters through solid rock.  This means that the healing benefits of Laser therapy can easily penetrate into the body where they accelerate tissue repair.  Click on the links to the right of the picture to learn more.

Acupuncture: If Laser is the newest tool available to help relieve pain, acupuncture is the oldest.  It has been practiced for thousands of years. Like Laser therapy acupuncture provides our patients with remarkable relief even  when surgery and the most powerful drugs fail.  Download our acupuncture newsletter by following the link to the right of the pictures. Learn More

Spinal Decompression: There   are many forms of spinal decompression. The Vertrac,  pictured to the left, is one simple yet effective method of decompressing the lower back.  Before you commit to spending thousands of dollars on spinal decompression. Download our decompression brochure.  Also download our guide to surgery. It's a free eBook.