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Make no mistake about it, chiropractic is a very misunderstood therapy. Many medical doctors will tell you that chiropractic therapy is useless at best and even dangerous at worst.  The truth is spinal manipulation, the mainstay of chiropractic treatment,  is one of the most powerful tools available for relieving pain. It is effective for headaches, neck pain, mid-back pain, lower back pain, pinched nerves, herniated discs and many other painful conditions of the spine.  Even spinal arthritis.  You should know that no other therapy has ever been shown to be better than spinal manipulation in head-to-head scientific  studies. Not exercise, not medications, not injection,  not even surgery. Now to be honest, a few studies have found that sometimes other therapies  can be as effective as chiropractic therapy, but no study has found a more effective therapy than spinal manipulation. So the best scientific evidence to date suggests that if you only had one therapy to choose for spinal related pain, chiropractic therapy should be your choice.  As far as safety, a quick look at malpractice insurance premiums will give you an idea who insurance companies think are a greater risk.  The lower the risk to do harm, the lower the malpractice insurance premiums. Chiropractors pay a fraction of what medical doctors pay for malpractice insurance.  This means that by going to a medical doctor you have a much greater chance of being harmed than by going to a chiropractic doctor.  For detailed information on the benefits versus the risks of the care you will receive in our office, click here. 

How long will it take before I'm better? It only makes sense to want to know what to expect in terms of time and energy involved in solving your health problem(s).  On the other hand, as a doctor, trying to predict how a patient will respond is the most difficult task in the doctor-patient relationship. Thankfully research has  uncovered something known as the clinical prediction rule. Simple stated, this rule helps


to predict which patients are likely to respond to chiropractic care. The bad news is that it is impossible to predict on the first visit   who is likely to respond and which patients are likely not to benefit from chiropractic care.  The good news is that it typically takes only 4 visits to be able to predict the outcome for a patient.  Now this does not mean in 4 treatments you'll be well , but it does mean that in this time frame your doctor should be able to accurately predict if you are likely to respond to chiropractic methods. It also should make you question any practitioner who tells you how many treatments will be required or how long it's going to take without first treating you for about a week.  So my advise to you is to find a chiropractic doctor who will agree to give you a trial of care (4 visits) before telling you how long it will take to correct your problem.  It's the only scientifically sound way of determining what a patient truly needs!    (Click for proper dose info)

The women in the picture above is an actual patient in our office. The left shows her before we treated her. On the right represents what is possible with our unique system of chiropractic care.  Do you think she felt better before her spine was corrected or after? Do you think she functioned better before we fixed her or after? Click the seeing is believing  link    (above right).