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Neuropathy is one tough condition to treat. And if your looking for one magic bullet to do the job you'll likely be disappointed. The fact is that there are many types of neuropathy and many causes of neuropathy. So it makes sense that a single drug or single therapy probably won't do much good. That's the bad news. The good news is there are many treatments that provide patients with relief from different types of neuropathy. The better news is that when you combine these therapies the results can often be dramatic. The bright idea is to take several of the best therapies for neuropathy and combine them into a treatment package. This means combining things like acupuncture, with low level laser therapy, with TENS and various herbal and nutritional therapies. Rather have using a single individual therapy, combining many effective treatments into a comprehensive total neuropathy  relief program.  Believe me when I tell you we have created the most comprehensive program for the treatment of neuropathy anywhere.  We consult with patients from all over the country. There is simple no other program for neuropathy that compares.

In our program we treat the symptoms of neuropathy while at the same time trying to treat the underlying cause of neuropathy. Treating this dreaded condition from both the inside out and out side in. It's not a cure, but frankly in our patients' opinions it's been a godsend.

Give us a call and try it. Within a month you'll most likely experience some significant relief.


Getting started:  We have assembled the best most effective neuropathy treatments available under one roof. We start with a thorough examination.  Then we utilize a highly sophisticated urine analysis that gives us information on 13 different neurotransmitters. These are the chemical that when out of balance cause most of the symptoms of neuropathy. When nerves die or are are damaged by neuropathy,  the chemical they release are reduced or absent. This creates terrible imbalances in the brain and spinal cord. When you have pain, numbness, burning and other symptoms of neuropathy, it is because of the imbalance of these neurotransmitters. Determining which of these chemical are reduced and which are excessive is one of the most important steps in the successful treatment of neuropathy.   Next it is important to have a baseline nerve conduction study. These tests show the health of the nerve. They let us know if the treatment program is working or if it needs to be modified. These tests can show is nerves are beginning to regenerate long before a patient feels a change in symptoms. They can actually demonstrate improved nerve function and are ideal for the long term management of the neuropathy patient.  Together, the special urinalysis and nerve conduction testing is what sets our program apart form every other.

There are many promising nutrients that have been shown to be effective in both relieving the pain of the neuropathy and also may even  help to regenerate the damaged nerve endings. The only way to determine which nutrients you need to to test for them. Through urine analysis we can evaluate 13 different neurotransmitters, in our neuropathy patients. Then and only then can we recommend those nutrients most likely to benefit our patients. Take a look at a sample report.  Have any of your other doctors taken the time to find exactly which neurotransmitters you need to obtain relief from your neuropathy? This testing also helps us to determine the proper dose of the nutrients needed for each individual neuropathy patient. This is just one of the reasons why our  patients experience such amazing results.



There are a number of nutrients that can benefit neuropathy patients. Knowing which ones and the best dose is key.

Every neuropathy patient is different. Knowing what the specific needs are for each individual patient and having a means to monitor progress is essential.

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