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They were going to cut my toes off! Vern is a spy 90 year old. He got some really bad news from his surgeon. See his diabetic neuropathy was causing ulcers on his toes that would not heal. The toes had to come off. But Vern's daughter was a patient in our office and as a last resort, Vern tried a special treatment I first learned about in Russia. Combined with Chinese herbs they not only saved Vern’s toes they reduced his pain from a 10 to a 2.


Jill was an executive secretary and was in the prime of her life. She had new grand kids and enjoyed playing with them One day she started to get get burning pains in her feet. After several months she could barely walk. The grim diagnosis idiopathic peripheral neuropathy. No one could offer her help, not even the Mayo Clinic. She lost her job. She could no longer play with her grand kids. Several amino acids and a natural product from deer antlers gave Jill her life back. She can now play with her grand children and walk normally.



Judy survived her cancer, but the chemotherapy left her unable to walk. The burning and numbness in her feet was unbearable. Her neuropathy was so bad she wondered if surviving cancer was a blessing or a curse? She was house bound, she gained weight because she couldn't walk let alone exercise. Luckily a friend told her about my office and the innovative techniques we use to help patients suffering from neuropathy. Judy responded so well that she was able to dance at her high school reunion.


Kathy is a university professor. She became gravely ill with a viral infection. Between the virus and the drugs she was given to treat her condition, she developed a severe case of neuropathy. The 4000 mg of neurontin and other medications she was taking barely touched her pain. What's more they made her so tired and groggy she had trouble teaching her classes. Kathy is now off most of her medications.


The patients below are actual case studies from our offices. If you have neuropathy we urge to call our office today! Within 60 days you may be feeling better than you have in years. You owe it to yourself to call  623.547.4727  Seeing is believing check out these results

Glenda, also developed  terrible neuropathic pain after  treatment for  a viral infection. She became addicted to the pain medications her doctors prescribed to her. Because of the nature of her job she could not work while on her pain medications. After treatment in our office, she was able to stop all her narcotic pain medications that she had been taking for over 4 years and resume work.   

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I’ve been to a many other doctors and they told me there wasn’t much that could be done about my neuropathy.

“That I needed to learn to live with it. “

Gary came to our office with both feet in braces. He could barely stand. His balance was terrible. He no longer wears his braces, and while his gait is still a little abnormal, his balance is dramatically improved.

John B is another patient who no longer wears his braces. He is able to work as a handy man for the first time in years.


Katherine G, suffers from diabetes, a rare blood cancer and kidney disease. When she first started treating with us she rated her neuropathy pain as a 15 over ten. She now has long stretches were her pain is zero.

These are real patients from our offices. All of them were told there was nothing that could be done for them. As you can see, the specialists that told them that were all wrong. There is something that can be done, you don’t have to suffer. Call us!

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