500 HZ tone:  A tone of this frequency is utilized to stimulate a structure in the inner ear known as the Saccule, in a diagnostic test known as a Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential(VEMP) test   The saccule monitors up and down motion, similar to what you would experience on a while jumping on a trampoline.  The saccule share a nerve known as the inferior vestibular nerve with the posterior semi-circular canal. An inner ear structure which senses angular head rotation. The inferior vestibular nerve when stimulated, may activate  descending neural connections to the spinal cord, including the vestibulo-spinal reflex.

100HZ tone: A tone of this frequency is used in a diagnostic test called an occular Vestibular Evoked Myogenic  Potential (oVEMP) test.  It is believed that this frequency of tone, especially when delivered through the skull with special bone-conducting headphones preferentially activates a different inner ear structure known as the Utricle.  The urticle monitors side-to-side and front-to-back movements on the head.   Like those that occur while walking.    The utricle shares a nerve called the superior vestibular nerve with the anterior and superior semi-circular canals which monitor head turns in very specific angles. This nerve may also activate descending spinal reflexes that help with up-right posture and balance.

Much like a hearing aid amplify's sound for hearing, the Tone Pacer APP when used with commercially available bone conducting headphones may amplify vestibular signal from the inner ear.  This theoretically can help with posture, balance an ambulation.

The various settings for Tone 100/500HZ/combined, ear stimulation (left, right bilateral or reciprocating), as well as beats per minute, allow users to customize as stimulation protocol to amplify weak signals from the Saccule/Posterior Semi-circular canal, or from the Urticle/ Horizontal & Anterior semi-circular canals.  

These protocols should be determined by and the APP when used as a vestibular aid should be under the supervision of a qualified functional neurologist.

For more information visit http:www.kcpv.info

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