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        Dr. George Kukurin

Neuropathy can effect any nerve in the body, but it is very common in the feet. Neuropathy can occur due to diabetes, chemotherapy, toxins, medications, vitamin deficits, hormone abnormalities or can be classified as idiopathic. There are few, if any, medical options for the treatment of neuropathy. Thankfully, research is discovering that alternative, less traditional treatment, like low level laser and acupuncture offer real hope for patients suffering from neuropathy. There are a number of natural substances that not only appear to help with the symptoms of neuropathy, but also appear to actually stimulate the re-growth of damaged nerves. We literally wrote the book on combining these alternative treatment methods into safe and effective protocols for neuropathy. Our innovative methods have been providing our neuropathy patients with real relief and offering the first real hope and help these folks have seen in years. On average 50-70% improvement. No current medication for neuropathy has been shown to repair nerve damage. You owe it to yourself to call us and find out how these remarkable new treatments might help you with your neuropathy!

Acupuncture points have decreased electrical skin resistance that can be measured with a meter. This modern advance in acupuncture wasn't available to the early practitioners of acupuncture. Acupuncture has recently been found to provide relief of the symptoms of neuropathy with the potential to restore nerve function and can even promote nerve re-growth. Click here to learn more.


Combining acupuncture with laser, ultrasound and other non-traditional treatments can produce significant relief for patients suffering from neuropathy. Treating neuropathy from the inside-out, by supplying natural substances that may enhance nerve re-growth and regeneration while at the same time treating the neuropathy from the outside-in is what makes our approach so different from any other neuropathy treatment available. You can learn more about unique nutrients such as Elk Velvet that we incorporate into our comprehensive and effective neuropathy treatment plans by clicking here.


In 30 days you could be feeling better than you have in years. Call us to find out more about our methods and how they might offer you real relief from the pain of your neuropathy

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Dr. Kukurin was named a Top Doctor by the Consumer’s Research Council of America, is Board Certified in Chiropractic Neurology, and has post graduate education from Johns Hopkins and Harvard Medical Schools as well as the Mayo Clinic.

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